Edmund McMillen Game Collection Coming To Steam


Edmund McMillen may have found critical acclaim with Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Issac, but his gaming biography goes far deeper than that – in fact it goes all the way down to the basement.

As announced on Edmund’s website, an assortment of his earlier releases will arrive on Steam in late August in the form of The Basement Collection. The eight different games, which includes the adorable but genuinely affecting Aether (see above) and a secret game, have all been updated with bonus content ranging from achievements to entirely new levels and development sketches. Also comprised of “4 very large unlockables that should make fans of [his] work quite happy” and a free soundtrack of “bonus remixes by indie darlings and fans”, this collection sounds absolutely incredible.

The games themselves may already be available for free on Edmund’s Newground page, but $4 to play Triachnid, Spewer, Aether, Time Fcuk, Grey Matter, CoilMeat Boy and the secret game all without ads is a bargain, even before the bonuses.

More than perhaps any other developer Edmund McMillen‘s games give a highly personal insight into his mind and the life that formed it, and this collection will be one basement filled with as much beauty as there is darkness.

Source: Joystiq

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