Epic Games Announce Downtime For Fortnite Starting Tomorrow


Fortnite Season 8 is now well underway, with all the many changes and new additions going over pretty well with both casual and hardcore gamers alike. But now that the launch is over and done with – and was a big success, all things considered – it’s time for the updates to start rolling out and Epic apparently has a new one coming down the pipeline tomorrow morning.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, the developer told its fans that they can expect some downtime for Fortnite starting on March 12th at 5am EST. It’s unknown how long it’ll last, but know that you won’t be able to hop into a match while the update’s being pushed live. That being said, these things are usually pretty quick and we don’t imagine the game will be down for too long.

As for what may arrive in the 8.10 patch, well, the exact contents of it remain unclear, but it’s expected that Fortnite‘s new vehicle (seen below) will be part of it. Dubbed the Baller, it debuted online over the weekend and ever since, folks have been pretty excited to get their hands on it.

The specifics of how it’ll work are unknown, but as you can see, it’s a one person vehicle that has some sort of grappler on the front of it, likely to help you maneuver around the map. Previous leaks have also pointed to the Baller coming with a charging/fueling mechanism, which means it won’t be able to be used for too long at once.

Beyond that, it’s hard to say how this new vehicle will be implemented into the game or how the fanbase will take to it, but with the latest Fortnite update less than 24 hours away from going live, it certainly won’t be long before we find out. As always, watch this space for more.