Ever Wondered What A 30-Foot Pokemon Card Mosaic Looks Like?


Nothing celebrates the 20th anniversary of Pokemon quite like a 30-foot trading card mosaic. What will The Pokemon Company think of next? In collaboration with British artist Quentin Devine, the studio unveiled the monstrous mosaic – which is made up of 12,987 individual cards – in Paris, coming in at an overall size of 71.54 square metres.

The Pokemon Company are pretty confident that this is the “world’s largest trading card mosaic,” with marketing director Anthony Cornish excitedly stating that they “are incredibly excited to have secured this highly ambitious world record, and are thrilled to have worked with renowned artist Quentin Devine to bring the mosaic to life.”

Devine himself says the project has been the biggest one he’s eve been a part of, and that The Pokemon Company approached him, inquiring whether he thought he could beat the previous record for largest trading card mosaic.

Pokemon asked me if I could beat the current Trading card mosaic World Record and I knew I could. So off I went to start planning another huge piece, which proved an amazing experience.

The record-breaking card is just the latest in a long line of celebrations Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have held since the beginning of the year. Super Bowl commercials and dedicated ‘Direct’ presentations are just some of the previous stunts the two have conducted.

The latter event concluded with the announcement of Pokemon Sun & Moon, a new duo of titles due to release for the Nintendo 3Ds later this year.

Anyone got any ideas on what Nintendo have planned next to celebrate Pokemon‘s big 2-0 birthday bash?