[Update] The Evil Within Hopes To Breathe Life Into The Horror Genre


A recent NeoGaf post reveals early details on Bethesda’s beautifully grotesque horror title, The Evil Within. Now, the post has been updated with early media impressions on the title and enough screens to get anyone excited.

The Evil Within stars a man named Sebastian and his partner. The duo set out to investigate a scene of mass murders but something mysterious reveals itself to be at work. One by one, members of the police force are murdered in front of him. Suddenly, Sebastian is attacked and knocked unconscious. He awakens to a new terrifying reality where he must face unimaginable horrors, as he fights to survive in a world where monsters, death and insanity co-exist.

The task of creating a truly terrifying environment for players will be made much easier by utilizing the ID Tech 5 engine. The team is hoping to push the engine to its limits and create a truly frightening atmosphere that makes full use of state-of-the-art lighting in the environments. In addition to creating a terrifying environment, players will be able to experience random distortions that occur at random throughout the game. This means that pretty much anything you see in-game has the potential to mutate into a terrifying nightmare.

The Evil Within

The Evil Within wants to strike a balance between horror and action in order to bring the horror genre a much needed makeover. Players should expect a struggle for survival as they face limited resources, puzzles, and traps. You will probably die, and die often, but capitalizing on your cunning wit and intellect can help you survive the nightmare as you turn enemies’ traps against them. The team says that they hope to fill players with anguish, tension, and anxiety as they play through a world of pure terror.

There are already high hopes for what the game may be able to do for the horror genre. It seems to be a hard task in recent years to truly balance the elements of both horror and action into a cohesive experience. With any luck, The Evil Within may very well be a flickering light in the dark void of the horror genre.

What do you think about The Evil WithinAre you excited for what could very well be the breath of life in a seemingly dying genre? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

[Update] IGN has posted their exclusive preview for The Evil Within, and released the following “Making of” video from Bethesda.