Evolution Considering Player Compensation As DriveClub Server Issues Persist


Almost a week after its long-awaited release, Evolution Studios’ PlayStation 4 exclusive DriveClub is still encountering problems.

The studio’s über-realistic racing title launched headfirst into an array of server-related issues, which prompted the developing team to establish a one-in, one-out matchmaking policy in order to ease traffic across the board — a scheme that has postponed the PlayStation Plus Edition of the game indefinitely.

Taking to Twitter, DriveClub’s lead director, Paul Rustchynsky, offered his solidarity to budding racers, stating that Evolution had no way of foreseeing the ongoing issues.

While complimentary content is a nice gesture on the studio’s part, fixing the in-game servers very much remains a priority for Evolution at this stage. The latest DriveClub update was released on Friday, one which was designed to increase the number of online players that the game can support concurrently. However, it’s worth noting that the status of the title will be affected for all users in the coming days as the development team work to bolster the ailing servers.  

In doing so, Evolution has purposely disabled specific features within the game, including social updates and challenges, which will remain on the proverbial shelf until further notice. Speaking of which, the aforementioned PlayStation Plus Edition of the game along with the My DriveClub App are still without release dates, though it’s expected (read: hoped) that the two will debut simultaneously in due time.

Tell us, have you experienced any of these issues within Evolution Studio’s racer? Let us know in the comments below, and for more on DriveClub, you can check out our own in-depth review.