Evolution Looks To Jumpstart DriveClub Servers With Imminent Update


Evolution Studios has announced that the once-ailing DriveClub servers are now “building a steady increase in performance,” and the company hopes to turn a corner when the latest patch is released in the next twenty-four hours.

Specifically, this update will allow players to activate certain online features that were previously held back in order to redirect the pressure away from the game’s servers — namely social updates and in-game challenges.

In tandem with the news, Evolution made the following statement:

“Continual upgrades to the Driveclub servers are building a steady increase in performance, meaning that we’re getting more and more players connected. We are sorry that we don’t have more concrete news to share right now, but please be patient. We will have more information for you tomorrow.”

Admittedly, DriveClub launched headfirst into an array of online-related issues. Server woes have plagued the PlayStation-exclusive racer since release last week, and users vented their frustration when they were unable to join a game. That’s because Evolution imposed a one-in, one-out matchmaking policy as it worked on a fix.

Speaking of which, the company also made mention of two other notable absentees from DriveClub’s launch: the dedicated companion app and the game’s PlayStation Plus Edition. And while Evolution remained mum on an actual release date for either, it’s understood that the company will unveil more information tomorrow.

In order to appease those affected by the outage, Evolution is also said to be considering offering compensation to early adopters — though whether this comes in the form of in-game content or a PlayStation Network discount of some form remains to be seen.

Tell us, have you been affected by these issues in DriveClub? You can share your thoughts in the comments section below.