Don’t Expect A Grand Theft Auto 6 Announcement Anytime Soon

Grand Theft Auto 6

Is Rockstar finally going to announce Grand Theft Auto 6 this year? Perhaps, but it certainly won’t arrive in time to prove the latest so-called leaks correct. Over the last few weeks, various anonymous individuals claiming to have inside knowledge of the sequel suggested that the developer would finally unveil its next game in the series sometime in the first quarter of 2020.

With rumors of a February reveal already proven false, further predictions of a March window have been put forward on message boards such as 4chan, with one even specifically marking March 25th as the long-awaited big day. As with all the others, that date, too, has since come and gone, though some fans refuse to give up hope. Responding to one Twitter users’ belief that a reveal could still come prior to the end of this month though, Kotaku’s Jason Schreier had a straightforward response: “Don’t get your hopes up.”

Now, it’s worth noting that Schreier’s reply only relates to the assumption that Rockstar was aiming for a March announcement, so it’s still possible (though unlikely) that Grand Theft Auto 6 could be made official in the first half of 2020. Likewise, Schreier could simply be offering his own personal opinion rather than one backed up by inside knowledge, though given his reputation for accurate reporting and sources in the industry, we’re inclined to believe he knows something the masses don’t.

While certainly not a confirmation of anything, fans have recently noticed changes made to the ‘’ domain owned by Rockstar. Previously, the website’s URL would simply redirect visitors to Grand Theft Auto V‘s official site though now returns nothing more than a generic error message. Yet another red herring, or definitive proof that something big is soon to go down? Let us know what you think in the usual place below!