Experience The Dawn; A Behind The Scenes Look At Rage

Bethesda Softworks have bestowed upon us the second part of the behind the scenes look at RAGE. In this interview heavy video, we’re treated to a background explanation of the game’s storyline, a look at some of its shady denizens and enemies, as well as information about character progression.

Worried about an incoming asteroid, the government devises a plan that sees selected members of society encapsulated underground in relative safety. You play as one of the men who was lucky enough to be chosen to receive this special treatment, in the hope that you can continue on with our species.

The problem is that, after one hundred years have passed, you’re the only one in your pod that awakens into the new world. What you used to know and love has become a post-apocalyptic frontier where bandits and other ugly characters feel they run the show. You must tackle odd jobs, defeat the baddies and make a name for yourself, in order to try to help this world.

It’s a very interesting look at one of this fall’s most anticipated games. The team at id Software certainly show their passion for the world they’ve created – eager to discuss its components. We’re just as excited as they are, and cannot wait to try out the game on October 4.

This post-apocalyptic world will be yours to explore on the PlayStation 3, XBOX 360 and PC. A demo for the game will be shown at Quakecon next month.

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