Fall Patch For Battlefield 4 Is “Fairly Massive”


Taking to the game’s official Twitter feed, EA and developer DICE have announced that the pair are making the final preparations for Battlefield 4’s imminent fall patch.

Due to go live across all platforms later today, the long-in-development update is the most significant in months, and is set to introduce a hoard of in-game improvements from player movement to the heads-up display. As a matter of fact, the patch weighs in at 1GB in size and has been described by the companies as “the biggest and most important to date.”

That’s according to the Battlefield 4 blog, which hints at some of the finer details that are poised o be introduced.

“A new Teamplay Initiative has also been outlined [and will] focus on the teamplay aspects of Battlefield 4. Our goal is to improve, simplify, and make playing the objective (PTFO) more rewarding than it has ever been.”

It’s been almost a year since DICE’s latest first-person shooter stumbled out of the gates, plagued with performance issues and server problems from the get-go. In fairness, the company placed all DLC on the back burner to whip the game back into shape, and one would imagine the incoming fall patch will be one of the final incremental tweaks.

Still, with Battlefield Hardline looming on the horizon for early 2015, Visceral Games has ensured ardent fans that the studio’s high-octane rendition of cops versus robbers won’t suffer from the same pitfalls as its predecessor.

To delve into the minutia of the soon-to-be-released patch replete with all the individual weapon tweaks and improvements, you can head over to the official forums for Battlefield 4.

Source: Twitter