Fallout 4 Gets a Colourful New Mod That Brings Seasons To The Commonwealth


The mod community for Fallout 4 has brought us some fairly wonderful things since the game released, but nothing quite like what we’re seeing now. A new mod brings an entire cycle of seasons to the RPG, and it has a mightily impressive impact on the aesthetics of a game that already looked pretty darn good.

The new mod brings Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter to the Commonwealth, the latter coming complete with dustings of snow in places. The Summery variations make use of various other smaller mods to add a smattering of greenery to the otherwise barren landscape, and it’s hugely impressive given that it’s been created without any official modding tools.


That being said, there are a few downsides to such a change. Most notably is that any season change has to be manually inputted by the player. This and the occasional visual drops that you’ll experience with the mods active are a pretty small price to pay though if you’re already tired of Fallout 4‘s overriding brown nature.

Check out the video above for footage of the Fallout 4 seasons in action, and let us know whether you’ll be looking to utilize the mod in your own game.

Source: Eurogamer

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