Fallout: New Vegas Xbox 360 Exclusive DLC Announced

According to Fallout dev’s Bethesda, on the 21st of December, new DLC will be available exclusively for the lovely folks with an Xbox 360 (and New Vegas…obviously…).

The DLC is going to offer all new terrain to wander around in, which means in all likelihood new enemies to shower in lead. It is titled “Dead Money” and you are required to find and recover the Sierra Madre Casino treasure with the help of three other wastelanders…lovely.

New Vegas is one of the most rich and diverse RPG’s out there, but it suffers badly from heaps of bug and glitch issues which leave it limping in the player’s hands. The problems are being resolved, and it looks like Bethesda are keen to distract people’s attention for a bit while they patch the main game out a bit, or they are trying to make it up to players..or…none of these and they just want some more money.

No idea why they’re saying nothing about a PC of PS3 DLC date though… do I smell favouritism?

Dead Money will set you back 800 Microsoft points.

If you haven’t yet played New Vegas, you can win a copy here.