Fallout: New Vegas’ All Roads Prequel Comic Receives Digital Download

If you only purchased the standard edition of Fallout: New Vegas, then you would have certainly missed out on its prequel comic: All Roads. The gritty, 48-page prequel issue was included within the game’s Collector’s Edition, which was a tad more expensive and much more limited than the core version.

Now, fans of the game can check out a digital version of the Fallout: New Vegas: All Roads comic. Dark Horse Digital has released it for download on iTunes, with a secondary iOS download option. It retails for an affordable $2.99 price tag.

All Roads was written by Chris Avellone, the game’s creative director, and created in conjunction with Dark Horse Comics. With cover art created by legendary illustrator and comic book artist Geof Darrow with colors by Peter Doherty, the graphic novel also features art by Jean Diaz (Incorruptible) and Wellinton Alves (Marvel’s Shadowland: Blood on the Streets, Nova).