Fallout: New Vegas Studio Obsidian Open To Returning For Inevitable Fallout 4 Successor



Sandwiched between Fallout 3 and its critically-acclaimed sequel Fallout 4, developer Obsidian Entertainment took the reins of Bethesda’s open-world juggernaut to craft series offshoot Fallout: New Vegas.

Releasing in 2010 to strong sale figures, New Vegas was neither a prequel nor sequel to its immediate predecessor, and instead took many of the gameplay elements from Fallout 2 and spun them out across a standalone entry. Held up as a welcome change of pace, the possibility of Obsidian returning to the franchise has reared its head in the past, and Eric Fenstermaker – writer and designer at the studio – recently fuelled speculation that the developer could work on the IP further down the line.

Answering a fan query via Twitter, here’s what Fenstermaker had to say on the matter:

Hardly a confirmation by any stretch, though the mere fact that the developer is acknowledging the demand is exciting in and of itself. Could we possibly see a direct sequel to Fallout: New Vegas emerging from the pipeline?

For now, though, all eyes at Bethesda are firmly trained on the post-launch content for Fallout 4. That’s despite the developer keeping the actual contents of the season pass largely under wraps, though we understand that the first major content pack is due to drop at some point in 2016 – likely during the summer.

Source: Twitter

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