Fan Creates Awesome Dino Crisis Mod For Resident Evil 3 Remake

Dino Crisis

Capcom might be all about remakes right now, but fans have taken issue with the developer seemingly playing favourites when it comes to deciding which games get such treatment.

Resident Evil 3, of course, is the latest classic title to be rebuilt from the ground up for modern audiences and follows just a year after the release of Leon and Claire’s reimagined campaign. With reports coming thick and fast that Resident Evil 4 is next-in-line to get the same do-over, though, criticisms that the developer is ignoring other long-dormant IPs at its disposal are growing ever more frequent.

Dino Crisis, in particular, has consistently ranked high among many wish lists to get a remake or revival in much the same way as its sister series, though last we heard, such a project has yet to enter any sort of production. Disappointing, we know, but modders, always the creative bunch, have taken it upon themselves to keep the dream alive in any way they can.

Nexus Mods user Maliwei777’s mod not only retextures Jill Valentine to look like Dino Crisis protagonist Regina, but also implement her prehistoric enemies, albeit with some rough textures. Check it out via the gallery below:

In regards to the likelihood of a fully-fledged Dino Crisis ever getting the go-ahead, Capcom has shown in the past – as evidenced by Resident Evil 2 remake’s very existence – that it takes fan feedback on these sorts of things very seriously indeed, so the best way to get your message across is to voice them loudly (and respectfully) toward the company itself. We wish you luck!

As for Resident Evil 3, the threequel is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, with further content for accompanying multiplayer mode Resistance on the way soon. See here for all the details.