Capcom Reportedly Cancelled Work On A New Dino Crisis Game

Dino Crisis

Last year, Capcom finally delivered on a project that survival horror fans had spent who knows how long campaigning for.

At long last, Resident Evil 2 received the remake it deserved in 2019 and, with its successor soon to receive the same treatment, many are hoping this is a sign of things to come for several other classics tucked away neatly in the developer’s back catalogue, chief among them being Dino Crisis. The series, created by the very same Shinji Mikami who gifted Resident Evil to the world, has established something of a cult following in the years since the last installment was released, with calls for a remake growing to near-deafening levels as of late.

Capcom, of course, has already confirmed it has plans to revisit other long-dormant IPs, with recent rumors seemingly indicating that Dino Crisis could well be next in line for resurrection. Unfortunately, however, that now appears not to be the case.

As per a raft of new details revealed over the weekend by prominent insider AestheticGamer, Capcom had in fact been eyeing Dino Crisis for a modern-day return, with production having started in earnest several years ago. Only bad news follows from here on out, though, as AestheticGamer describes how, for unknown reasons, the studio decided to cease pursuing the idea, leaving its future stuck in limbo.

As always, it’s worth taking everything above with a healthy dose of salt in the absence of any acknowledgement from official sources concerning the project’s existence, but this wouldn’t be the first time AestheticGamer’s leaks have been bang on the money. With that said, there’s no telling just what future plans Capcom currently has in motion. There’s a very real chance, given the right show of support from fans, that Dino Crisis could one day make a return. Fingers crossed, eh?