Fan Theory Suggests Apex Legends Season 4’s Forge Is Still Alive


Hype for Apex Legends is at an all-time high thanks to a masterful ongoing marketing campaign by Respawn.

As part of a special livestream last week, the developer revealed initial details for the battle royale’s fourth season, including official artwork for a new Legend. Forge, the musclebound and eager melee brawler was confirmed to be joining Apex‘s cast next week alongside a new addition to players’ armories, the bolt-action Sentinel sniper rifle. Yesterday, however, events took a surprise turn indeed.

In what initially appears to be a short animated film further exploring the character’s background and imminent entry into the Apex Games, an assassin interrupts the interview by skewering Forge straight through the chest with a giant blade. Seemingly buried before his illustrious career could even begin, fans immediately identified the killer as none other than Revenant. Having been repeatedly teased for the competitive shooter numerous times in the past, Respawn’s bait-and-switch manoeuvre has many believing that the malevolent robot was always intended to be Season 4’s sole roster addition.

One fan, however, believes something else is afoot. As pointed out by ChainsawSwan over on Reddit, Forge might not be dead after all. Check out the evidence below:

The absence of a scar on the man assumed to be Forge in his interview, says ChainsawSwan, points to the victim actually being a stunt double rather than the man himself. What’s more, the theory is further supported by a brief description that specifically notes how the celebrity is often imitated during public appearances.

The takeaway from this long-winded investigation, then, is that Forge is, in fact, very much alive and remains on course to make his debut in Apex Legends Season 4. Whether or not he’ll be joined by Revenant remains to be seen, on the other hand, but with release day locked in for next week, February 4th, fans won’t have long to wait in order to finally learn the truth, so stay tuned.

Source: Reddit