Fans Are Going Wild Celebrating Hatsune Miku’s Birthday

Happy birthday Hatsume Miku! Well, early birthday that is. The famous vocaloid’s birthday takes place on August 31st and fans are already going wild for the occasion plastering fan art and well wishes all over the internet. Fans have already submitted countless messages to the Hatsune Miku Birthday Message Project, some of which will be shown during a special concert that fans can tune into from all over the world.

Hatsune Miku has more cultural significance than just a virtual character that’s popular in Japan. She has appeared on the David Letterman show, featured in a famous app for Domino’s Pizza, and has become one of the most popular memes online with problematic creators of media being replaced with her as the real creator of a given project. She is now the “real” creator of everything from Minecraft to the Harry Potter series due to this unique phenomenon.

Despite it being a day early (in certain timezones) fans have been flooding Twitter with gorgeous fanart of the character and various other tributes.

The Good Smile Team also announced a special Hatsune Miku figure today which looks absolutely stellar from their preview. Fans were so excited that Miku began to trend on Twitter, so who knows how wild things will get for her birthday going forward.

So Happy Birthday Hatsune Miku! We hope you get whatever kind of virtual birthday cake you desire.