Fans Think Rockstar Teased Grand Theft Auto 6 During Super Bowl

Grand Theft Auto 6

Fans hoping for even the slightest signal that Grand Theft Auto 6 is on the way believe they’ve found exactly that in the unlikeliest of places.

The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers went head to head over the weekend at Super Bowl LIV in Miami, Florida, though one particular pre-match commercial was all any GTA fans could focus on. The advert in question, which paid tribute to the competition’s host city for 2020, opted to use Rockstar’s very own Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in order to do so, a genius marketing stunt that almost immediately sent audiences on social media into frenzied speculation as to its potential hidden meaning.

In case you missed the sporting occasion, Reddit user ItsThatOrangeGuy has since collected all of the nods to Vice City into a single image. Check it out below:

From the cover art mock-up to identical font typing and HUD, the inspirations are plain as day for all to see, but what does it all mean?

Probably not much, unfortunately. For those not in the know, Rockstar has a long-standing tradition of basing its fictional worlds on real locations, with Vice City being modeled directly after, you guessed it – Miami. To cut a long story short, the most likely explanation for this particular crossover is no doubt little more than a result of Super Bowl organizers wanting to recognize the pair’s shared setting and little else besides.

Then again, a number of previous leaks have suggested that Grand Theft Auto 6 will return to that very same locale, though hearsay is all they remain. Here’s to hoping the unannounced sequel’s rumored February reveal holds true if only to finally put to rest the endless deluge of near-daily theories. Make it so, Rockstar, for all our sakes!