Fans Want One Simple Apex Legends Feature To Be Added In Season 4


Part of Apex Legends‘ continued (and initial) success has stemmed from its creator’s decision to set the battle royale apart from the rest.

Rather than continue down the same road forged by Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Respawn opted to sculpt its shooter around a first-person hero format heavily reliant on gunplay and teamwork. The resulting gameplay experience has given rise to a fiercely competitive scene that the developer itself is keen to expand this year with Apex‘s first-ever global eSports tournament, but not before it makes some much-needed changes, according to some fans.

Besides a potential server upgrade – scores of irate players were locked out over the Christmas period due to connection issues – another high priority revamp being called for concerns Apex‘s Ping System. Often lauded for the accessibility options it offers to persons unable to communicate via speech, that Epic Games has lifted the feature almost wholesale for its own battle royale speaks volumes to its intuitive nature.

Nothing is perfect, however, and one fan over on Reddit is calling for a small fix to give the feature some added functionality:

Allow players to ping items directly from the inventory, without having to drop them on the ground. This would allow you to continue to carry the items and only drop them if team mates need them

Despite being posted less than 24 hours ago, Jarek104’s suggestion has already garnered huge support from players, but what are they campaigning for, exactly? Currently, if you wish to let a teammate know about a specific item in your inventory, the only option is to first drop it and then send off a ping to make others aware. In the heat of battle, such a process is hardly ideal, and Jarek’s fix aims to simplify by having mods, consumables and other restoratives pingable directly from the inventory.

A small tweak that would have an incredibly huge impact on gameplay, then, but it remains to be seen whether Respawn will act on the feedback. There is, after all, a chance that it designed the system to behave in its current manner for a reason.

Tell us, though, are you on board with Jarek’s suggestion, or would you rather stick with the system currently available in Apex Legends? Sound off in the usual place below!

Source: Reddit