Fans Want Players Teaming Up In Apex Legends Solo Mode To Be Banned

Apex Legends

Apex Legends finally received its long-awaited solos playlist earlier this week. Introduced alongside the battle royale’s latest event, Iron Crown Collection, players preferring to enter Kings Canyon on their lonesome now have an official outlet to do so. Good news, right? Absolutely. Generally speaking, fans have been hugely receptive to the mode’s inclusion, though the cracks in Respawn’s best-laid plans are already starting to show.

This time, it’s not a bug slipping through the net or a new cheat script ruining the fun for many, but more so, a simple and extremely potent strategy. In what’s the least surprising development ever, a great many players queuing into solos are forging on-the-spot allegiances with what’s intended to be their opponents. As you can imagine, coming up against a co-ordinated team on your own is almost always a one-sided affair.

As expected, disgruntled fans getting stomped by teams in solos have flocked to social media in order to voice their frustration, some of which are calling on Respawn to ban the worst offenders. Does teaming in Apex Legends‘ newest mode constitute cheating? I’m not so sure and clearly, neither is Respawn, as the studio has yet to comment. Either way, examples such as the one below obviously aren’t what the developer intended.

army of coordinated pathfinders rekt everyone in solo — KaviK7-TTV from apexlegends

Humorous it may be to witness an army of murderous Pathfinders go on a rampage, it’s not exactly in the spirit of what Solos is all about. A cursory glance over the endless Reddit threads discussing the issue appears to be evenly split between those that want offenders banned and others who believe teaming to be a legitimate strategy. Until Respawn emerges to tackle the sticky situation though, why not let us know which side of the argument you fall on?