Far Cry Primal Survivor Mode Launches With New Details Confirmed


At the end of March a Survivor Mode was announced for Far Cry Primal, and today it has arrived in a free update for all players. Fans of the game have been anticipating this addition since the announcement was made, but may be surprised to notice that it was also accompanied by another update as well.

If you have a machine that can make use of them, Far Cry Primal will now feature 4K textures. It’s a surprising modification, given that no announcement was made about the upgrade in advance.

Back to the Survivor Mode itself, however, and you’ll notice the changes immediately. There’s now a stamina bar that depletes with virtually every activity, which you’ll have to replenish with food or sleep if you hope to stay active – and alive, of course.


The landscape of Oros is now immensely more dangerous, too. Nights are darker and longer and a lot of the most dangerous beasts will appear more frequently under the cover of that darkness. These predators also won’t show up on hunter vision if they’re stalking you without your knowledge. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the mini-map is also disabled.

The image below is Ubisoft’s official summary of the challenge posed by Far Cry Primal‘s Survivor Mode. Still fancy it even after seeing what’s in store? The patch update is waiting for you right now.


Source: PC Gamer