The Fate Of Kratos’ Wife Will Play A Big Role In God Of War 4


Sony’s show stealing trailer for their upcoming God of War 4 featured not only the warrior Kratos, but also his young son on a hunt through an impressively realized world. There was something undoubtedly touching in the way our hero interacted with his son, but given the previous game’s storyline, the absence of his wife was noticeably.

Now, Sony Santa Monica Creative Developer Cory Barlog has revealed that her story will play a significant role in the plot to the already popular game. When asked if players would learn about the missing mother and wife, the dev had this to say:

We will. That’s a big part of the story. But we don’t know yet. That is, I think, his past. It’s something that formed who he is and where we are, but this is a new chapter for him. He’s advanced. To me, the beginning of this game is a lot like the movie Unforgiven, with Clint Eastwood, where he’s called back into action after he’s had to calm himself.

Players familiar with the series will remember that the death of Kratos’ wife and child by his own hands was the spark that set off his mission to slay the gods of Olympus. Those events were relayed to the player via a series of cutscenes. Considering the new, cinematic style of storytelling present in the trailer, it seems the developers are ready to dive deeper into the mind of the Ghost of Sparta.

Since God of War 4 is set over the backdrop of Norse mythology, we can’t help but wonder what role the new deities will play. Perhaps the trickster god Loki will be the catalyst that drives Kratos over the edge, or perhaps they’ll go in a new direction entirely. Whatever the case may be, we can expect to see a more developed Kratos slice and bash his way through his next vendetta.

Source: Examiner