FIFA 14 Will Launch On Xbox One And PS4 This Fall With New Mechanics


Launching this fall on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, FIFA 14 will offer fans of the iconic sporting franchise a much more realistic experience than what they’re used to. That’s because, thanks to EA Sports Ignite, footballers will be more intelligent, and will animate with more lifelike movements, while the digitized fans that watch them will react in a more organic way.

Below, you will find a list of the new features that were confirmed for (at least) the next-gen versions of FIFA 14 as well as the new trailer:

  • Pro Instincts: Players will make much more intelligent decisions, and will be able to do so thanks to 4x more calculations per second. As such, they will be better prepared to brace for (or avoid) contact, and react to challenges.
  • Precision Movement: Players will showcase more athletic and lifelike abilities.
  • Elite Technique: Hundreds of new skills have apparently been added to the game.