FIFA 14 On The PlayStation Vita Is A Carbon Copy Of FIFA 13, EA Reveals


The beautiful game? For FIFA 14, it’s more like the familiar game, after it was revealed by Eurogamer that this year’s iteration of EA’s mega franchise for the PlayStation Vita will be based on the same engine as FIFA 13. In an interview following their Gamescom briefing, the company’s executive producer David Rutter has stated that the upcoming port features the same, replicated gameplay.

Here’s what Rutter had to say about the Vita version of FIFA 14:

“There will be a Vita version, and it’ll be the same great gameplay. It’s the same great gameplay and new kits.”

This issue was initially raised when the FIFA franchise made its debut on Sony’s handheld, after it was discovered that FIFA 13 was essentially a reskin of FIFA Football – itself a sub-standard launch title for the Vita modelled on FIFA 11’s gameplay engine. Not only that, FIFA 14 will likely retail at $59.99/£39.99 when it hits stores on September 24th in North America – 27th in Europe – so this community backlash is understandable. EA is essentially charging full retail price for a second rate port of a three year old experience, after all.

With just under a quarter of million units sold to date of FIFA 13 on the portable device, it’s clear that EA don’t view the PlayStation Vita and its niche audience as a viable platform to launch a console quality title. Considering that the annualised version is handled by the EA studio in Romania – rather than the flagship developing team in Vancouver – speaks volumes in and of itself.

It seems EA’s franchise could do with the competition of Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer on the PlayStation Vita in order to force its developing hand. Nevertheless, the forthcoming release of FIFA 14 for the handheld is set to be a tepid entry into the Vita’s library.

Tell us, are you disappointed by Eurogamer’s revelation? Or do you feel EA have reason to be apprehensive about the PlayStation Vita’s install base? Let us know what you think in the comments.