File Size For Killzone: Mercenary Balloons As Sony Issues Second Patch


Weighing in at 1.1 gigabyte in size, Sony has launched the second mandatory patch for Killzone: Mercenary on the PlayStation Vita. Aimed to remedy the long-gestating connectivity issues and frustrating respawn locations, the file is available to download on the PlayStation Store right now. In announcing the update, Matt Porter, Guerrilla Cambridge’s technical director, also addressed the game’s substantial file size.

Here’s what Porter had to say over on PlayStation Blog:

“We’re currently investigating solutions to reduce the overall size of the title and free up more of your valuable memory card space. We hope to be able to share more news on that work very soon. However, it seems unlikely to us that the overall size of the downloaded game, plus the patch, will ever be under 4GB.”

Ultimately, it seems the file size for Killzone: Mercenary is vast by default. Given that the game also received a 1.1 GB patch within its first few days on the market highlights the level of detail within Guerrilla Cambridge’s complex shooter – which has been hailed as the Vita’s true, FPS experience. One of the main concerns raised by the community, though, was that of the game’s framework. Since release, users have reported noticeable lag during frantic, online firefights. However, the studio has assured fans that these pernickity problems have been addressed.

“We’re hoping that many of you who were previously unable to connect into the community will now be able to enjoy the game to its fullest. Getting everyone into games (and keeping them there) remains our number one goal on the Mercenary team. Given the myriad of network setups and usage patterns out there, we realise that issues may still arise. As such, we’ve now set up a poll to allow more detailed feedback to be given.”

Tell us, have you experienced any of the aforementioned stability issues during your play time with Killzone: Mercenary? If so, give us your thoughts about the game in the comments.