Final Fantasy Type-0 (Possibly) Confirmed For American Release

I’m not sure if I can pinpoint exactly when it became questionable when PSP-exclusive Final Fantasy Type-0 would see a release on North American shores, but it’s nothing but good news if we get a near confirmation.

The Ultimania Guide for the game features an interview with game director Hajima Tabata who reportedly confirms that his team is working on localizing the game for North American and European audiences. No release window was given.

The interview goes on to say that Tabata already has ideas for an inevitable sequel to the project, titled Type-1.

Final Fantasy Type-0, formerly Final Fantasy Agito XIII, was released in Japan in October and has been enjoying remarkable success. Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu even gave the game a near perfect review score of 39/40.

I’ll take this time to remind our readers that PSP games are region-free, so it’s technically already possible for us to play the game. All you have to do is get past that pesky Japanese voice-overs and text. Sounds like a fun thing to learn over the weekend.

Meanwhile, still no info on Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Do I sound bitter about it yet?

What say you, gamers? Think this might happen?