5 Sacred Final Fantasy VII Scenes That The Remake Needs To Get Right


1) Don Corneo Cross Dressing Scene

Final Fantasy VII Screenshot Don Chooses Cloud

Less than 6 months after its initial E3 reveal, gamers were treated a much longer and more detailed glimpse at Final Fantasy VII Remake during Sony’s PSX keynote. Of particular interest, the trailer showcased the presentation of several characters, including their voice acting and general appearance.

Despite its slick aesthetic, concerns were raised by many about the rather serious tone the trailer emitted. Granted, the opening sequences of Final Fantasy VII isn’t exactly a light hearted section of the game, but after the overly emo version of Cloud and co. in the CGI movie Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, the concerns are perhaps somewhat justified.


Advent Children’s cinematic direction totally shifted the franchise’s emphasis toward a darker, more dramatic context that really didn’t feel connected to the original game, and the remake simply can’t afford to fall into that same trap. Final Fantasy VII’s characters aren’t generic anime heroes and we don’t want to see a muted revision of their personalities that wouldn’t suit some of the more whimsical elements of the game’s plot, such as the infamous Don Corneo’s cross dressing scene.

Final Fantasy VII is adored for the balance it strikes between dark scenes and amusing scenes, and it’s vital that the remake recaptures that recipe. The game just won’t feel right if Square Enix hold back on breaking up the game’s dramatic sequences with the ridiculousness of its silliest moments as well.

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