Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD Gets Special Vita Bundle; 64GB Memory Card Also Announced

Final Fantasy X-HD-Vita

Though they are still without a release date, the high definition renditions of Square Enix’s beloved JRPG pairing, Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD, will be packaged together with a special edition PlayStation Vita, SCEJ has confirmed. Making the announcement at this morning’s pre-TGS key note, the company confirmed the bundle, which will include both titles with a specially branded handheld – one which looks to be the newly revised model of Sony’s handheld.

This bundle, which is expected to hit Japanese markets sometime in 2014, will feature the in-game artwork from the dreamy Macalania Springs segment on the Vita’s rear touchpad. No official release date or pricing was announced, nor did Sony hint to the possibility of a Western release for its Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD package. Nevertheless, we’ll be sure to keep you posted regarding any further clarification from either Sony or Square Enix.

During the course of the conference, Sony also detailed a new, 64GB memory card for the PlayStation Vita. This proprietary storage device will retail in the local market for ¥10,479 (approximately $105), which, incidentally, is around the monetary ballpark of the 32GB version before the company reduced the price points. The 64GB memory card itself will be available for Japan on October 10th, 2013, and though there is no information regarding a Western release, it’s likely that Sony will roll out the premium storage chip for other markets eventually.

In tandem with this announcement, the company slashed the prices of its existing Vita memory cards for the Japanese market – a move that echoes the reductions in the aftermath of Gamescom last month. Unfortunately, other than a confirmation, there is no news regarding a potential North American and/or European release for either the 64GB SKU or the Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD bundle.

Nevertheless, be sure to tell us whether you’d be interested in the 64GB memory card for the PlayStation Vita or the Final Fantasy bundle in the comments below.