Final Fantasy XIII-2 Combat Trailer Shows Cinematic Action

The combat was, in my opinion, one of the high points of Final Fantasy XIII. I know some people didn’t like the real-time fighting as opposed to the slower, turn-based style but I enjoyed the action of it. And, from the looks of it, I won’t be disappointed by a few tweaks implemented for Final Fantasy XIII-2.

The paradigm system and real-time combat shouldn’t be new to those who played the original game. The paradigms allow players to craft their teams into certain specialties to make battles easier by temporarily switching classes for the members in battle. You could easily switch from a person attacking physically and a person attacking magically, to one person buffing and one person healing. Or both people healing. The possibilities are endless, without being actually endless.

What’s new are the “cinematic action” segments. They’re just quick-time events. No need to worry about something that sounds so intimidating.

What I hope has been changed is the mechanic that makes the entire party lose if only your party leader passes out. That was annoying.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is scheduled for release on Xbox 360 and PS3 on January 31, 2012.

What say you, gamers? Think the combat in this one might be a bit more traditional?