Final Fantasy XIII-2 First DLC Available Now

It’s been a little more than a week since you all have gotten your hot little hands on Final Fantasy XIII-2, which I found so great that it might just revitalize the series. If you haven’t had enough of the potential tons of hours already on disc, Square Enix is giving you just a bit more with DLC that’s available now.

Available on your digital marketplace of choice, the first DLC pack, Lightning and Amodar, is available now for $2.99/240 MSP.  It adds a rather difficult battle to the unfortunately barren Coliseum in game, where you’ll fight Lightning and her former commanding officer Master Sergeant Amodar. If you can manage to defeat them, they’ll be available to join your party. We’ve got a few screenshots in the gallery below.

There’s also a few costumes and such available for Noel and Serah, although they only change appearance. They don’t have any special skills or abilities.

I’ve not downloaded the boss pack myself yet, but I’ve heard it’s rather difficult. Lightning is apparently about average difficulty, but Amodar is a freakin’ tank.

What say you, gamers? If you’ve downloaded the pack, what do you think of it?

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