Final Fantasy XV Patch 1.13 Now Live, Adds Magitek Exosuits, New Quests, More


Square Enix continues its commitment to providing free content for all Final Fantasy XV players today with a new update. Patch 1.13, which is now available for download on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, brings with it several bite-sized gameplay additions, including the long-awaited ‘Magitek Exosuits’ for Noctis and his companions.

Originally scheduled for release earlier this year, Square ultimately ended up putting the update on hold in order to rejig each suit’s design, likely due to their obvious similarities to those worn by the Power Rangers. The redesigned versions (above video) certainly look more imposing and sleek in comparison to their original incarnations, but we can’t help but feel that the loss of color makes each look considerably more generic.

Regardless of aesthetic preferences, though, donning the fearsome battle armor will make Noctis and his crew impervious to damage for 30 minutes, but choose when to use them wisely, as once the time is up you’ll be locked out of further access for a hefty 24 hours. A suitable trade-off for the power of invulnerability, to be fair.

As for what else you’ll find in the 2.5GB patch, new quests accessible upon completing Chapter 8 of the story have been added to the Meldacio Hunter HQ, and a new ally cooperation system called “Rush Link” has been added. Last but not least, the Moogle Chocobo Festival introduced earlier this year returns, once again, to provide Noct and friends some respite from the horrors of war. Enjoy it while you can!

In regards to paid-for content, Season Pass holders still have a new story chapter, Episode Ignis, coming later this year, alongside the ambitious Comrades multiplayer expansion. Square’s not provided a release date for the latter, though a closed beta for the update is due to kick off later this week. See here for all the details.