How To Find Cyberpunk 2077’s Ultra Fast Version Of The Batmobile

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is a buggy nightmare that shouldn’t have been released in its current state, and Xbox One and PS4 gamers were sold an objectively broken product. There’s a lot of blame to go around, but it shouldn’t be forgotten that the actual title itself is pretty damn good. Sure, you’ll have to deal with cars randomly exploding, your character falling through the floor and endless crashes to get there, but if you’re playing on Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 or a beefy PC, Cyberpunk 2077 is actually very fun.

As you’d expect from the makers of The Witcher games, Night City is crammed full of cool little touches and cultural references. I’ve seen nods to PortalJohnny Mnemonic, Demolition Man, Joker, Ghost in the Shell and The Office – and I’m sure there are many more I’ve missed. But one of the coolest is related to Batman, including a driveable Batmobile (here named the Rayfield Caliburn) and a special armor shirt.

You can find the car and armor at the location marked on the map below during or before the Ghost Town mission. Appropriately enough, they’re hidden in a cave northeast of Santo Domingo and northwest of Aldecaldo’s territory. If you enter and they don’t spawn, try waiting outside the cave for 48 hours and they should be there.

Get access and you’ll learn the secret history of Night City’s very own Caped Crusader… Murk Man! A message from him tells the tragic but strangely familiar story of a young boy whose parents were murdered, causing him to embrace the darkness and become the hero his city needs. The character’s gear includes poison, electric and gas grenades and a thermoactive tear resistant shirt that adds a layer of blocking damage.

And as for the Batmobile? It’s a highly advanced all-black supercar with a top speed of 210mph that’s sure to turn heads when speeding through the city. You might think that jacking Murk Man’s ride might not be such a smart move, but right now, there’s no sign that the hero himself is in the game. Still, we’re only just peeling back the surface of Cyberpunk 2077, so perhaps he could yet show up to reclaim his ride.