Where To Find Every Evo Shield In Apex Legends Season 4’s System Override Event

Apex Legends

A brand new toy meant to shake-up the metagame in Apex Legends has finally arrived.

Rather than introduce additional weapons in order to buckle current trends, however, Respawn’s latest attempt at staving off staleness in the sandbox is via a powerful type of body armor that’s only as good as the player wearing it. To be more precise, Evo Shields, as they’re called, can evolve over the course of any given match, with their ability to soak incoming damage increasing in tandem with how much damage the player dishes out.

Currently, the new kit is only obtainable in Apex‘s ongoing limited-time mode Deja Loot, though the developer hasn’t ruled out their use in standard playlists in the future based on initial feedback. For that reason alone, then, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with Evo Shields for a potential expansion to their availability and what better way to do that than by memorizing the image below?

Shared over on Reddit earlier today by Dndo Doc, their map signposts various spawn locations (and rarities) for Evo Shields around World’s Edge. Red, Purple and Gold blotches on the grid signify common, Epic and Legendary-rarity shields respectively, with the latter unsurprisingly being housed in one of the battlefield’s most dangerous hot spots. Other commenters have responded to DnDo Doc’s thread with reports of other spawn locations, too, so while the above seemingly isn’t quite complete, it should give you a solid idea of where to look.

Apex Legends Deja Loot LTM and System Override Collection event are available now until March 17th. For an overview of the cosmetic rewards up for grabs and time-sensitive challenges you’ll need to complete, see here.