Apex Legends Is Adding A New Type Of Shield Next Week


The latest content update due to arrive in World’s Edge imminently looks set to turn Apex Legends‘ metagame upside down.

System Override, the battle royale’s first collection event since last year’s Holo-Day Bash, is primed to bring with it the usual deluge of limited-time cosmetics, including a snazzy-looking Heirloom for adrenaline junkie Octane. Rather than simply have regulars go about their usual business in-game in order to earn crates, however, this particular affair comes part and parcel with a limited-time mode which, besides introducing a number of unique rules, adds a brand new type of equipment.

Deja Loot does away with random loot rolls in favor of map-wide static spawns. Both Kings Canyon and its successor will be present throughout the two-week-long affair and be the first opportunity players have of trying out the so-called Evo Shield.

As previous leaks have suggested, this neat bit of technological wizardry boasts a number of benefits over the standard shields you’ll already be accustomed to. As the name has likely already given away, Evo Shields will adapt and evolve over the course of any given match, starting out no better than a Common Body Shield and, if you’re good enough, transforming into a damage-soaking sponge with stats superior to even Epic-rarity armor.

In order to upgrade said protective gear, you’ll need to dish out damage to enemies, with more successful hits translating to superior defences. Do note, however, that should you at any point fall in battle, others will be able to loot your Evo Shield (with any accrued upgrades) for their own personal use. Depending on the feedback it receives following System Override’s launch, Respawn says it’ll consider adding the new tech to standard playlists but for now, they’re strictly experimental only.

System Override kicks off in Apex Legends March 3rd for consoles and PC and you can find a full overview of the event over here.

Source: Apex Legends