Where To Find The Hidden Ghostbusters Car In Fortnite Chapter 2


Halloween arrived in Fortnite yesterday alongside a bumper content update for all to enjoy, though it appears as if Epic Games still has a few surprises up its sleeve to share with fans of the year’s spookiest holiday.

In addition to files uncovered earlier this week by data miners pointing towards the imminent arrival of Marvel’s Ghost Rider and Ant-Man, several references to what appear to be Ghostbusters-themed content were also present. What these presumably cosmetic bundles contain and when they’ll be made available isn’t currently clear, though if what’s just been discovered in-game is any indication, Epic’s plans should come to light sooner rather than later.

Ever since Fortnitemares went live, players have been reporting some strange additions to the Apollo Island map, one of which, it seems, is eerily similar in appearance to the Ecto-1 as seen in Ghostbusters. While there’s always the possibility of misinterpretation in instances like this, we feel the images below are proof enough that what’s hiding under that sheet is, in fact, the iconic car.

Those wishing to go and see the evidence for themselves in-game will want to drop from the Battle Bus as close to Camp Cod – situated in the south-eastern corner of Chapter 2’s map – as possible. Once you’ve made contact with the ground, make a beeline straight towards the southern edge of the islet and proceed to follow the cliff edge around until you stumble across a dilapidated barn. Head inside to find the Ecto-1 hidden beneath a dust cover.

As of writing, there doesn’t currently appear to be any available method of interacting with the vehicle, and while this could simply be little more than an Easter egg, there’s also a chance, however slim, that players will be able to get behind the wheel as part of a future update. We’ll just have to wait and see on that front, but for now, be sure to check out our guide for Fortnite‘s Halloween event over here.