How To Find Iron Man’s Secret Lab In Fortnite Season 4 Week 7

Iron Man VR

The stakes continue to rise in Fortnite‘s ongoing Nexus War story arc. With Galactus inching ever closer to realizing his goal of devouring Apollo Island, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have spent the last few weeks establishing their own individual bases of operation (unless you’re Wolverine, who’s taken to loitering in Weeping Woods), stockpiling weapons and gadgets in the process. And Tony Stark, the billionaire genius that he is, has come up with some particularly potent defensive tools to help players confront the threat that awaits them ahead.

No doubt by now you’ve already infiltrated Stark Industries and plundered Iron Man’s stash for use in ways he almost certainly never intended, but if you somehow haven’t, this week’s challenges make paying the hot spot a visit mandatory. Assuming you intend to hit 100% completion, that is.

Instead of forcing your way inside the main Stark Industries building, however, completing this objective requires that you find a secret laboratory hidden away from prying eyes. To locate the entrance, you’ll need to be on the lookout for a particular lake house not far from Steamy Stacks, the most reliable method being to trace a straight line southwest from that Point of Interest until you come upon a large body of water.

You’ll know you’ve found the correct location when destroying a small grouping of bushes just outside the luxury home reveals a walkway heading underground. Once inside, you’ll be greeted by a suitably high tech facility filled with a few weapon caches and consumables. There won’t be any unique loot or Mythic abilities here, however – you’ll still need to beat Marvel’s various visitors in combat to unlock those.

Still, completing this particular challenge will grant a hefty 25,000 Battle Pass XP, so this is one Fortnite quest you won’t want to skip. Good luck!