How To Find And Defeat Wolverine In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4


The next stage of Fortnite‘s ongoing Nexus War kicked off yesterday with the arrival of patch v14.20 and, besides adding an all-new limited-time mode, players have been reporting the appearance of a certain mutant on Apollo Island. We are, of course, referring to Wolverine, who up until now, has only been referenced in promotional material and trailers for Season 4, and those who can best the grizzled hero in battle can take home the ultimate prize – their very own skin based on the character’s classic comic book costume.

In order to do that, of course, you’ll first have to find the X-Men’s most resilient member by heading over to Weeping Woods. Unlike Iron Man and Doctor Doom before him, however, Logan doesn’t have a fancy building complex to call home in this strange land and prefers, instead, to stay on the move. That being the case, there’s no surefire means in which to track this latest visitor down. Our advice would be start your search on the border of Weeping Woods, though, and slowly make your way towards its center in a spiral pattern.

This method will take longer than simply stumbling upon your prey by accident, of course, but will at least guarantee an encounter. Assuming you don’t fall foul of another player first, of course.

As for how to beat Wolverine when he finally shows, there’s really not much to say here. Unlike Iron Man and Doctor Doom, who both have various methods of attacking you at range, Xavier’s oldest student can be easily dealt with by keeping a distance from those shiny Adamantium claws. Once he’s finally down for the count (bring lots of guns and a stockpile of ammo), you’ll be rewarded for your efforts with a new mythic ability and, if you’ve been keeping up with Season 4’s special quest, the aforementioned outfit.

And that’s a wrap for this latest crossover event. If you’re still playing catch up with Fortnite‘s Battle Pass, see here for our guide that’ll help bring you up to speed. Good luck!