Where To Find And Use The Sun And Moon Ball In Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village

While Resident Evil Village isn’t an open-world game on the same scale as, say, almost Ubisoft’s entire body of work, Capcom has made sure to give players plenty of opportunities to stray off the beaten path and search for hidden treasure needed to upgrade Ethan’s arsenal of weapons.

The titular village, in particular, is populated with non-essential loot-filled houses, as too, are the four surrounding territories where Mother Miranda’s children claim dominion over. At certain stages in the campaign, however, these branching paths can become completely inaccessible, meaning if you leave without turning over every stone, lucrative money could be lost. The labyrinth puzzles (one each for Dimitrescu’s Castle, Heisenberg’s Factory and Moreau’s Reservoir), for example, are completely missable and must be completed before a well-signposted point of no return.

The Sun and Moon Ball, on the other hand, diverges from this pattern by requiring that the player returns to the Beneviento estate after defeating her and claiming the Rose Flask.

Once Donna and Angie have been dealt with, previously blocked garden areas surrounding her mansion will open. Take your first right upon exiting the building and dispatch any rank-and-file enemies you come across. Once the coast is clear, cast an eye over the nearby gravestones in search of a small jewelry box, inside of which will be the Sun and Moon Ball. Take this trinket to the adjacent garden area and head inside the groundskeeper’s lodgings to find several items, a save typewriter and the second of four labyrinth puzzles. Mission accomplished!

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