How To Beat Donna Beneviento In Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village

Following Ethan Winters’ action-packed encounter with Lady Dimitrescu in the sequel’s opening portion, Resident Evil Village changes the tempo for the second of Mother Miranda’s four adopted children.

Donna Beneviento, the reclusive lord who resides in a secluded mansion away from the Lycan horde, exhibits her powers not through a monstrous transformation and brute strength, but by infiltrating her victim’s mind and turning it against itself. Upon entering her home, Ethan is met with a remarkably normal-looking interior, with the only company present being a deathly silence.

Indeed, Donna and her beloved doll are nowhere to be seen, and only by descending into the building’s basement and solving a series of disturbing puzzles will you finally be able to confront the last living Beneviento.

Upon returning to the ground floor, Village‘s poor protagonist will immediately be attacked by Donna’s lifelike companion Angie and goaded into playing a high stakes game of hide-and-seek. In order to beat the encounter, you’ll need to locate her in a random room around the house to trigger a cutscene. This process has to be completed thrice before being able to claim the second Rose Flask and is made more difficult by the fact that numerous other dolls will periodically attack.

It’s worth noting, too, that while no countdown is displayed on screen, you have a finite amount of time to find Angie. Take too long and she’ll move to a different location, but not before summoning her fellow porcelain compatriots to dish out some serious damage.

Once victory has been achieved, you’re free to continue. Just two lords remain from this point on, Salvatore Moreau and the charismatic Karl Heisenberg. And you can see here for our guide on how to defeat Resident Evil Village‘s penultimate boss.