How To Escape The Doll Workshop In Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village might be a more action-oriented affair than its predecessor in a general sense, but that certainly doesn’t mean Capcom has skimped on the horror for its latest addition to the franchise. House Beneviento, for example, is arguably one of the creepiest sequences in any video game and requires the player to exercise their quick thinking and memorization skills to ensure Ethan leaves alive.

The set-piece of this segment begins when Village‘s protagonist descends into the mansion’s dimly lit basement and encounters the doll workshop. Similar to the room escape experience as seen in one of RE7‘s DLCs, you’ll need to scour the environment here to find the items necessary to escape, beginning with the human-sized doll made up to look like Ethan’s wife Mia. By manipulating the faux cadaver’s wooden limbs, you’ll find several useful trinkets: the Silver Key, Winding Key and Blood-Covered Ring. With these in hand, head straight for the door in the corner of the workshop and unlock it using the Silver Key.

Inside you’ll find several consumables as well as a sink. Interacting with the latter will prompt Ethan to clean the Blood-Covered Ring, revealing a string of numbers on the inner band: 05-29-11. Input these on the padlocked door through which you first arrived and take your first left in the corridor. Use the Winding Key on Mia’s music box and solve the straightforward puzzle to get the tweezers. Then return to the Mia doll and use them to remove a roll of film from the mouth area which can be used on the nearby projector to reveal a hidden compartment containing the scissors.

The sequence becomes linear from here on out, though it’s worth mentioning that you’re not alone in this basement. Keep your wits about you at all times and, as always, good luck! For more Resident Evil Village guides, including where to find the all-powerful Wolfsbane Magnum, see here.