Firewatch Length Compared To TV Mini-Series, VR Support Ruled Out



Campo Santo is on the verge of launching Firewatch across PS4 and PC early next month, and the studio has offered up new details regarding the game’s length and the potential of VR support.

Word comes by way of WCCF Tech, who spoke to Designer and Programmer Nels Anderson about the title’s imminent launch. When quizzed about the amount of time players will be spending exploring the Wyoming wilderness of the 1980s, Anderson noted that playtime will vary depending on how much time players spend “off the beaten path,” though estimated that the average length is around six hours.

“It’s pretty hard to say since there’s actually quite a lot of ‘off the beaten path’ areas in the game that players won’t have to visit,” Anderson said in response to queries about the game’s length. “On average, I’d say maybe 5-6 hours … ? When I play it, it feels comparable to the length of a trilogy of movies or a TV mini-series.”

On the topic of VR support, though, Anderson noted that compatibility with headsets such as the Oculus Rift or PlayStation VR isn’t in the works in an official capacity, and that it’s likely to emerge further down the line via some form of mod should Firewatch carve out a sizeable audience. Dumping players into the shoes of lonesome firefighter Henry, Campo Santo’s mysterious adventure will have you exploring the rolling hills of Shoshone Forest which fast becomes a hotspot for mysterious occurrences.

Firewatch will release across PC, Mac, Linux and PlayStation 4 on February 9.

Source: WCCF Tech

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