Deck 13 Unveil First Images From The Surge


the surge 04-w800-h600

Early last year, we learned that German studio Deck 13 would not be returning to their successful Lords of the Fallen franchise for the sequel. Rather, the developer chose to focus on The Surge, another original IP from the relatively new studio. Now, after debuting at Gamescom, they’ve finally released the first official screens from the title.

Following in the action-RPG footsteps of their debut effort, The Surge is Deck 13’s vision of a dystopian future. In the game’s world, Earth is in the midst of death, as rapid technological advancements and rampant pollution have poisoned our once vibrant-world. The only way to survive in this futuristic hell is by utilizing bulky exoskeletons in order to traverse the deadly future suburbs.

While it’s still early in the RPG’s development cycle, Deck 13 is promising that The Surge will feature several unique mechanics. From a character progression system based around combat to a dismemberment system that will allow players to cut off just about any limb, there are plenty of interesting features already in place. We may not know really anything about the story, or who you are, but at least the combat sounds promising.

Although currently without a release date, we do know that The Surge will hit the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC sometime in 2017. While we wait for Deck 13 to reveal more on the futuristic RPG, why not take a look at the debut screens and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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