Lords Of The Fallen 2 Given Go-Ahead For 2017 Release; Original Studio Deck 13 Not Involved


With sales figures just shy of 1 million at the time of writing and a niche fanbase of dedicated followers, Lords of the Fallen proved to be somewhat of a sleeper hit late last year, overcoming its similarities to From Software’s Dark Souls series and establishing a presence in the hyper-competitive RPG market. Such a feat hasn’t gone unnoticed either, with CI Games confirming to Eurogamer that Lords of the Fallen 2 is in the works for a 2017 release.

Work on the sequel will go ahead without the aid of German studio Deck 13 – who served as co-developer on the original title last year – instead bringing in a raft of new talent to push the sequel in a new direction, all the while addressing some of the criticisms levelled at the first game.

Marek Tyminski, CEO at CI Games, weighed in on the matter.

“We are not working with Deck 13 right now. We are starting the project, we start from the concepting, but we definitely will be working with a lot of partners.

“We have very clear thinking on how we want to make Lords of the Fallen 2 and we have a very good idea. We’re taking all of the lessons from Lords of the Fallen 1 to make, first of all, a much better game, and second, to make it more efficient from the production perspective.

Admittedly, a Lords of the Fallen 2 has been doing the rounds since December of 2014, though at that time both CI Games and Deck 13 were attached to the embryonic sequel. Tyminski failed to delve into the specifics of the arrangement nor why both parties are going their separate ways, though it’s understood that Deck 13 is gearing up to unveil a new project at E3 alongside Focus Home Interactive.

Source: Eurogamer