First Xbox One Box Art For Critically Adorned Titanfall Appears Online


Having swept the critical board during its debut at E3, Respawn Entertainment’s futuristic shooter Titanfall has positioned itself as one of the most anticipated games ahead of the next generation. Its trailblazing success has resulted in the mech-focused FPS accumulating 60 prestigious awards during its preliminary appearance; a success that is placed on display for the game’s Xbox One box art, which was leaked ahead of time via GameStop Germany and later confirmed by EA.

Here’s the box art in full:


Lens flare? Check. Gritty orange and blue colour palette? Check. Pondering soldier on the arm of a mechanised war machine? Wait a second, that’s new. For in Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall, players will manoeuvre around the studio’s theatre of war in giant mechanised robots. Not only does this add an eyebrow-raising dynamic to the genre itself, the huge exo-skeletions will also necessitate a variety of engaging gameplay opportunities as well.

The robots, however, won’t be easily available. Players are essentially pilots equipped with a modernised get up that includes a jet pack – thereby facilitating the cool wall-running ability witnessed at E3 – and will only be able to call in a Titan after an as-yet-unknown period of time. Subsequently, though Titanfall may seem uneven at first glance; this is a game of cat and mouse where the latter has a formidable arsenal of weaponry to see off any opposable threat.

From the footage released thus far, the studio appears to have created the frantic online experience one might expect from a series such as Call of Duty – a similarity that isn’t just a coincidence. After all, much of Respawn’s developing team were the crux of Infinity Ward three years ago; a partnership that helped mould the CoD franchise into the 60fps online behemoth we know today.

As such, Respawn will look to retool their experience with intense multiplayer shootouts for Titanfall, which the studio also confirmed to be multiplayer-only. The futuristic war game was also built via Valve’s Source engine; thereby allowing the developing team to fine-tune the physics and overall gameplay within their sci-fi shooter.

Titanfall is expected to deploy for action in spring, 2014 and the game will be available for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.