New Fortnite Leak Suggests Controversial B.R.U.T.E. Mech Is Being Removed

Fortnite Season X

Has Season X been the best one yet for Fortnite? As far as innovation and experimentation go, that’s an unequivocal yes, though not every new addition to Battle Island has been welcomed with open arms.

But let’s start with the positives, shall we? There’s more than enough of them to discuss, after all. Undoubtedly the headline attraction introduced with Season X has been Rift Zones. These anomalous tears in the fabric of reality have allowed Epic the creative freedom to temporarily transform Battle Island’s various beloved Points of Interest into alternative versions of themselves, oftentimes from the far-flung past or even different worlds entirely, as is the case with the battle royale’s ongoing Batman crossover event.

Even taking into account all of the above, however, one near-universally detested feature has threatened to ruin Season X’s reputation at every turn. B.R.U.T.E. mechs, the towering suits of pilotable armor armed to the teeth, have been the source of massive controversy over the last three months, with players in their thousands calling on Epic to remove them entirely due to their overpowered nature.

So far, the developer has declined to give in, but that could all be about to change if a recent leak is anything to go by. Check out the image below, courtesy of data miner FortTory.

What are you looking at, exactly? It’s not immediately clear, though clearly, something very bad is about to happen to Fortnite‘s B.R.U.T.E. population. With Season X due to reach its end within a matter of weeks, the image could be alluding to an upcoming event that will see the vehicles infected with a virus and destroyed in the process.

That’s the ideal outcome, at least. Alternatively, the leak could simply signal the imminent arrival of a new LTM featuring the bipedal monstrosity. As is usually the case with these sorts of leaks, expect a full reveal very soon.