Fortnite Players Have Discovered A Portal To The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus

More reality-warping high jinks are currently afoot in Fortnite, this time in the form of a mysterious portal.

As pointed out by FortTory over on Twitter, the anomalous door between worlds has only recently opened and, as of writing, is believed to be a teaser for another upcoming crossover. For those that missed the show, Epic Games’ Donald Mustard confirmed during the Game Awards that several characters from beloved franchises would soon be paying a visit to Apollo Island, including Master Chief. The star of 343 Industries’ (formerly Bungie’s) Halo series and mascot of the Xbox brand is now available for purchase in-game with V-Bucks currency, but who – or what – is destined to walk out of this particular tear in space-time?

Well, Daryl Dixon and Michonne of The Walking Dead fame are almost certainly the individuals due to cross over shortly as they, too, were teased last week. What remains to be seen however, is not only when they’ll emerge, but how. Rarely do store exclusive cosmetics get their own in-game event, after all, leading many to believe that, in this instance at least, there’s more going on.

While we’re straying straight into speculative territory here, there’s a good chance that the pair of survivalists could find themselves followed through the gateway by a horde of the undead. Zombies have proven to be an absurdly popular video game enemy and trope over the years, after all, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Daryl and Michonne’s arrival kicks off a war against them.

We’ll just have to wait and see what transpires, but in the meantime, feel free to pay the portal a visit for yourself in-game. To find it, simply land at Fortnite‘s Salty Towers point of interest and head southwest to the area shown in FortTory’s clip above. Happy trails!