Fortnite Reveals First Look At Tom Hiddleston-Inspired Loki Skin


Fortnite‘s overarching narrative may no longer be directly tied to the Marvel universe but that doesn’t mean the two franchises have parted ways completely.

In fact, superheroes (and villains) from faraway worlds are likely to remain a key marketing tool for the battle royale for as long as both remain popular so players shouldn’t at all be surprised to learn that Season 7 has more than its fair share of comic book representation. Credit where it’s due, though, Epic Games often (if not always) attempts to ensure each guest character is at least thematically appropriate, hence the appearance of DC’s Superman amidst an alien invasion of Apollo Island. As expected, the Kryptonian is on humanity’s side, which is more than can be said for an upcoming addition.

As teased with the initial arrival of Season 7 and confirmed last week, Marvel’s Loki is headed in-game next month and fans can finally get their first look at the god of mischief down below.

Unsurprisingly, this rendition of the adopted Asgardian is based on Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal and comes with a number of extra goodies, including the staff last seen in Marvel’s Avengers. Sadly, this accessory appears to be an alternate skin for the pickaxe rather than a functional conduit for the Infinity Stones, so you won’t be hijacking the minds of innocents with this faithful replica.

Fortnite‘s Loki bundle will be accessible beginning July 1st and you’ll need to be an active Crew member in order to be eligible for everything on offer. The subscription service will set you back $11.99 a month and can be cancelled at any time, so those only interested in this particular promotion can safely cancel as soon as they’ve received the loot.