Fortnite Confirms Loki Skin As Season 7’s Next Crew Reward


Marvel’s resident god of mischief will soon be paying a visit to the shores of Fortnite.

Undoubtedly timed perfectly to coincide with Disney Plus’ ongoing six-part series featuring the trickster, Epic Games confirmed via an announcement on Twitter earlier today that Loki will be debuting in the battle royale in just a few short weeks. Many have suspected for some time due to a sly teaser at the beginning of Chapter Two, Season Seven that Thor’s adopted brother would be joining the fray, of course, but players now know exactly how to get their hands on a skin bearing the character’s likeness.

Explaining the honorary Asgardian’s appearance in-game as a result of reality-warping portals, Loki will be the headline item being distributed through Fortnite‘s premium Crew subscription during July. For those not aware of how it works, anyone who pays a monthly fee to join the service receives regular outfit bundles packed with curated costumes and other cosmetics often not available anywhere else.

That being the case, no multi-stage quests or limited-time missions will require completion in to get your hands on this loot drop, though it goes without saying that you’ll need to have an active Crew membership in order to add this lucrative Marvel collaboration to your wardrobe.

As for what the green-garbed deity looks like in the flesh, so to speak, it would seem Epic isn’t quite ready to reveal all just yet, so you’ll just have to make do with the teaser pictured above. We do, however, expect a full showcase of Loki’s design in Fortnite over the coming weeks, so stay tuned for all the details.