Watch: New Loki Promo Teases The Truth About Sylvie


Loki episode 3 might have seen Tom Hiddleston’s God of Mischief teaming up with Sophia Di Martino’s Sylvie, but it still left us none the wiser as to who she really is. The TVA and Loki himself believe she’s a female Loki variant, but Sylvie seems to hate it when she’s called that. And what with sharing a name with the Enchantress, fans have suspected that there may be another twist coming concerning her true identity.

Well, Marvel Studios has released a new featurette for the second half of the hit series, which you can catch in the player above, and it provides us with a couple of fresh clips that offer a tease at Sylvie’s beginnings. Starting at the 0:36 mark, we get about 10 seconds of original material. First of all, we see Sylvie being brought in by the TVA, which may reveal how she and Loki get off Lamentis-1 before it’s destroyed, following ep 3’s cliffhanger.

Next, there’s a shot of Young Sylvie, as played by The Walking Dead‘s Cailey Fleming. This one is particularly intriguing, as her childhood self has also been apprehended by the TVA, as we see one of the Minutemen escorting her through a time window. It looks like Sylvie started causing temporal trouble when she was very young indeed.

The last new clip shows a glum-looking Sylvie and Loki sharing a moment on Lamentis – no doubt they’re down in the dumps because they think they’re about to die. This appears to lead Sylvie to open up some more. “The universe wants to break free so it manifests chaos, like me,” she tells Loki, perhaps explaining part of the reason why she’s dedicated herself to fighting against the TVA. Like the Joker, she’s an agent of chaos not order.

Most evidence is definitely pointing to her being a Loki variant and not Enchantress, but it’s still difficult to say for sure. This featurette only confuses things more. “She’s another version of Loki,” states Di Martino, while director Kate Herron adds: “She’s Sylvie, not Loki.” So which one is it?

The answers will unfold as Loki continues next Wednesday on Disney Plus.