Who Is Lady Loki In The MCU?

Lady Loki

Disney Plus has begun airing its latest Marvel series, Loki, and just two episodes in we’ve already been hit with a massive surprise being the appearance of Lady Loki.

The show, which deals with maintaining the timelines and bringing order to the multiple universes, hit us with the bombshell reveal at the end of the first episode that the variant which the Time Variance Authority are hunting is in fact a Loki from another dimension.

While the show has yet to explicitly name this character, thanks to some clues from episode two and context from the comics, Lady Loki’s identity looks to have been revealed.

Who is Lady Loki?

Despite seemingly being a variant of Loki, this character looks to be Sylvie Laufeydottir. The best evidence pointing to this was both found in the episode and during the credits within a foreign translation.

Firstly, in the episode, while flipping through the files on nexus events, Loki seeks out a page regarding the destruction of Asgard during Ragnarok, but on the page right beforehand you can see a variant named Sylvie Laufeydottir is noted down. The other piece of evidence that Lady Loki is Sylvie is that in the English post-episode credits, Lady Loki is referred to as “The Variant,” while in the Latin-American credits she is given the name Sylvie.

Another clue that maybe Lady Loki isn’t simply the character of that name can be seen from her hair color. In Marvel Comics, Lady Loki has long black hair similar to Loki himself, but Sylvie has the same blonde hair as the character on the show. So who is Sylive?

Who is Sylvie Laufeydottir?

It is likely that in the series Marvel will choose to merge the two comic book characters of Sylvie Lushton and Lady Loki into one, but in the comics, Sylvie is the second person to don the title of Enchantress.

Sylvie Lushton’s origins do trace back to Lady Loki. She was initially a normal girl living in the Broxton before waking up with magical powers gifted to her by Loki. Sylvie boasts similar powers to Loki including Sorcery, Transmutation, Teleportation, Mental Manipulation, and Telekinesis.

It’s unclear where the show will be taking the character exactly. But it’s likely she’ll have the same origin story of Lady Loki: the daughter of Laufey left for dead before being adopted by Odin to assure peace between Asgard and the Frost Giants.

We’re sure to find out more about Lady Loki in the coming episodes, but this should keep you up with everything we know for now.